Sea and fire Board

Sea and fire Board from high quality Portland cement and high purity quartz sand, cellulose and other organic and inorganic composition,100%Does not contain harmful substances such as asbestos, methanol,Using advanced automated production equipment with skilled craft production,High temperature autoclaving and special treatment,Form a tight, solid crystal structure is an environmentally friendly, safe and versatile senior structural lumber,Is a low density, fire special calcium silicate Board.

Sea and fire Board (calcium silicate Board) for project:

Sea and fire Board (calcium silicate Board) can be used depending on the construction of the scope, functions to special solutions,Widely used in various industrial and civil architecture.

Sea and fire Board (calcium silicate Board) product advantages:

Noise abatement   Low density   Durability and resistance to corrosion   Insulation, insulation High fire resistance   Full of non-combustible material   Easy decorating  

Sea and fire Board (calcium silicate Board) application areas:

Fireproof coating   防火墻   Fire-resistant duct   Wire and cable fire retardant coating Fire protection ceilings   Glass curtain wall fireproof shirt walls   Fire roller shutter   Smoke hanging wall  

Sea and fire Board (calcium silicate Board)Main technical parameters             

Project Work unit Performance indicators
Size specifications Length mm 2440
Width mm 1220
Thickness mm 9 10 12 15
Density g/cm3 0.96
Coefficient of thermal conductivity W/m.K 0.18
Moisture content % 1.6
The swelling rate % 0.054
Heat shrinkage rate % 0.47
Average flexural strength (dry) Mpa 7.5
Vertical and horizontal strength % 74.6
Frost resistance —— After 25 freeze-thaw cycles without break and
Asbestos content —— 100%Does not contain asbestos
Radioactive —— Class a materials
Non-combustibility —— A1-class non-combustible material

Sea and fire Board (calcium silicate Board)Part of the project case                   



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